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we transform here.

of the machines

Your Body is just one 

A unique training methodology demands unique equipment. At Game Ready, we don't use the same machines in the same ways as your typical athletic trainer. 

That's why we partner with some of the finest designers and manufacturers in the fitness industry to modify and develop equipment you won't see - or train on - anywhere else.

OUR Facility:

The Game Ready Performance Team includes certified Athletic Engineers, trainers, and support and scheduling staff all of whom are current or former elite, college, or professional athletes. We are led by Founder Jackie Guerra.


Jackie Guerra

Founder, Head Physiologist

Jackie Guerra isn’t like most trainers. First of all, she’s not a trainer. She's a Physiologist - with a Masters in Kinesiology. An Author - with peer reviewed, published articles. And a data scientist - whose research has been scrutinized by an FDA designated Institutional review board made up of academics and experts who validated what anyone who has ever trained with Jackie can tell you firsthand:

Game Ready Performance works. 

In a landmark 2 year study, Jackie demonstrated the efficacy and of her Game Ready Methodology, showing documented, statistically significant increases in Max Sprint Speeds coupled with statistically significant decreases in Time To Recovery.  

But while the data is truly impressive, it is just one part of what makes Jackie such a unique and effective force for developing athletes.  Along with equipping bodies with strength, speed, resilience, balance, and explosiveness, Jackie also focuses on her athlete's minds.  Mental fitness, mindfulness, positive affirmation, and her unique ability to merge physiological science with psychological support and insight make her truly one of a kind.  

Physiologist.  Data scientist. Researcher. Innovator. National Team Soccer Player. Olympian. Big Ten Champion. 

And most importantly:  Mentor.  

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Hermosa Beach, CA 90254


Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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