Our unique Methodology has been shown to produce dramatic, quantifiable results. Verifiable improvements. As well as profound mental and physical transformation. 


It's also been known to produce championships.

Athletic scholarships. Professional careers.

And the occasional league MVP.

Professional athleted development

has been rigorously tested.

where our methodology  

Just a few of the laboratories


We say Elite Athlete training because the hard truth is that we must limit our training to athletes who  are currently competing highest available levels of their sport. Those athletes that have a genuine pathway and desire to compete, and who have superior sport-specific skill and technical ability. 

To see if  you fit the profile of a Game Ready Performance athlete, please complete and submit your self-assessment here: 

  • High school athletes throughout the college recruitment process. 

  • College athletes looking to increase minutes, or elevate performance to succeed at this higher level of competition.   

  • College Coaches and Athletic Directors interested in adopting a proven, periodized, data-driven curriculum to elevate team fitness and performance.


The Game Ready Performance Pro Development Program serves established veterans as well as recent draftees, and college/minor league athletes working towards pro contracts. 


Our mission for athletes at this level is to help extend and enhance professional career by simultaneously elevating performance and lowering risk of injury, as expressed by our

Pro Development Formula:  


Speed + Power + Endurance + Injury Resistance = Career Longevity.  

If you are a professional athlete, aspiring  pro, or part of an athlete management team, please contact our CEO, Kenya Parham directly HERE.