to JUST plain dominant.

We'll take you from Quad-Dominant

If you're like most athletes, then you have spent years training in a way that favors your quadriceps at the expense of the muscles of your posterior chain.


That imbalance makes you Quad DominantAnd that limits your power, increases instability, and places you at greater risk of injury. 

But it also means that whatever your current level of athletic performance, you have managed to achieve it with some of the strongest and most important muscles in your body essentially sitting on the sidelines.  Which is actually pretty impressive. 

The Game Ready Performance methodology trains you to activate those muscles and engage them as part of an integrated, optimized system. We eliminate deficiencies and correct imbalances to allow you to perform to your full potential. And we train muscles, heart, and mind to continuously expand that potential.

So if you’re an elite athlete now, just imagine what kind of athlete you will be when you're firing on all cylinders muscle groups. 

Benefits of Game REady Performance TRAINING

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