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your brain is a 


The absolute, unambiguous, empirical fact is that your mind has the power to amplify physical ability and elevate athletic performance.

It is totally organic. Non-toxic. 

Profoundly effective. And completely legal.  

But your mind has a mind of its own.

Getting it to work with you, as a positive force multiplier, requires active effort, practice, engagement, and focus.  

Which is why we are so focused on developing Mental Fitness.

Just as we condition your heart and muscles for optimal performance,

at Game Ready Performance,

we also train you to condition your mind.

as well as meticulous data management and 


Through written and spoken affirmation,


validation and support,

progress tracking, we teach our athletes to understand the link 


and outcomes.

And we train them to 

activate the

between thoughts  

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Because the body may be physically capable of extraordinary feats, but it is the mind that determines when, how, and even if that ability gets put to use.  


 to convert

into competitive results. 


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Neurokinetics  is where physics, kinesiology. and biomechanics converge.  Our unique training approach activates and engages muslce groups to work together in precisely the ways they need to in competition.  In your specific sport.  Even at your specific position.

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Four Cores of

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Intelligent Recovery is a key part of how we transform athletic performance. Using State-Of-The-Art equipment, in conjunction  with neurokinetic and heart rate data, recovery enables our athletes to train and perform at optimum levels, and to ensure progress continues along a healthy, measurable trajectory. 

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A true pioneer in the use of wearable technology, Game Ready Performance uniquely understands how to collect, interpret, and apply heart rate data to expand endurance and maximize performance. 

That insight guides our proprietary Heart Rate Variability training methodology, allowing our athletes to become masters of endurance. 

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Grounded in demonstrable results and meticulously collected data, our mental fitness training teaches athletes to understand the connection between thought patterns and results, and to use their minds to help their bodies perform at maximum effectiveness.  

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Benefits of Game REady Performance TRAINING

That's not multiple choice.  That’s a straight up All of The Above

Because while these are indeed four distinct performance benefits, they're really just different expressions of the same fundamental Game Ready Performance transformation. 

The collective result of training that re-engineers your mechanics, reprograms your neural pathways, and recalibrates your aerobic thresholds.

Endurance means more than how long you can go. The Energizer Bunny kept going, but that puffball couldn't dominate a key or control a midfield to save his life. 

True, competitive endurance means the ability to go to go full throttle On Demand. It means training the body to operate in the ideal heart rate zone.  And it means recovering efficiently, so you're ready to go again. And again. And Again.   


You don’t have to choose between training for performance or training for injury prevention.  

At Game Ready Performance, they’re one and the same.

Our system has been proven to engage muscle groups, eliminate muscle imbalances, and transform biomechanics. 

All of which make you more competitive, and more likely to stay competitive. 

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From Strength to Greater Strength.

Building muscle is all well and good, but real power comes from properly utilizing the muscle you already have. 


Using proprietary exercises and specially designed equipment, we activate and engage the right muscles in the right ways to increase power generation and maximize output.  

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Activate Explosive Speed? 

Why don't we just say, develop, or gain or conjure out of thin air? 

We say activate because most athletes have the potential to reach higher sprint speeds already.  But without the proper activation of muscle groups and management of energy systems, that potential lies dormant. 

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Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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