There is no secret formula for athletic success. 

Oh wait,

never mind.

turns out there is. 


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Mathematically-based and data-driven, the Game Ready Performance approach was developed by Elite Performance Trainer Jackie Guerra. Titled, The Theory of Optimal Fitness, it emerged from academic studies at the University if Illinois, and has since been tested in the lab, on the field and in some of the most competitive arenas in the world.  

Whereas conventional training treats your body as a collection of separate systems, Jackie's theory held that optimal performance could only be achieved by addressing the way those systems interact. That's why our methodology is designed to simultaneously elevate and integrate  the capabilities of heart, mind, and muscles, so the whole  can be greater than the sum of its parts. 

How?  Well, the science, data, and techniques that make our remarkable results possible are a closely guarded trade secret.  


But here's what we can say on the open internet: 

To learn more, please read on. Or better yet, drop us a line.

We won't tell you all of our secrets. 

But fortunately, our results speak volumes.


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